What we do?

What we do?

We work with a number of clients from Sydney and other cities here in Australia over the past 2 years, helping them build custom software with Elasticsearch on the backend.

The Elasticsearch services we offer include:

  • Setting up a new Elasticsearch instance with redundancy and backups
  • Upgrading Elasticsearch instances with zero downtime
  • Upgrading from version 6.x to 7.x with critical backward incompatibles fixes
  • Supporting in-place upgrade using AWS Elasticsearch with zero downtime
  • Performance improvements after the upgrade from older versions

Our expert Elasticsearch developers can start your new Elasticsearch project from scratch or take over your existing Elasticsearch project.

We have built amazing frontend features using high performance Elasticsearch clusters on the backend:

  • Time series visualizations with multiple resolutions and scale options
  • Dashboard charts
  • Multi-Catalogue search
  • Data export through REST APIs and file downloads
  • SMS & Email triggers based on Elasticsearch content

We have worked with a variety of Elasticsearch hosting options including:

  • Self hosted and managed
  • Hosted in AWS Elasticsearch
  • Non-AWS solutions such as ELK stack, Bonsai and Qbox.


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